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The Fresh Fish Project

The Idea for the Fresh Fish Project comes from a unique experience our fishing crew has every year.  Near the beginning of the fishing season, before the peak of the run, and the fisherman have time to prepare, those in the boats pick out a couple of prime, live salmon to bleed and chill in preparation for our next meal on the beach-site.  Meanwhile, others stoke a fire on the beach and wrap veggies in tin foil.  The moment the boats hit the shore the fish are walked 60 feet to the service table, filleted, wrapped in foil, and placed in the coals.  Those who claim they don’t like seafood show up for these meals because the salmon is of a flavor that very few will ever encounter.  In an effort to see if this “fresh” flavor can be preserved for a time, I have taken fresh, live-bled, chilled fish and kept them on ice overnight.  To my surprise, when I barbequed them the next day, the meat still had that fresh-caught flavor!  I loved it!

Until now, this supreme taste and quality has only been available to few, but it is the vision of Sought Out Salmon to bring this experience to those outside Alaska. Two factors must be in place for this to happen:

1. Sought Out Salmon must have the resources to quickly process, package, and ship these fresh fish the day they are caught.

2. The salmon must be pre-ordered and the customer must be ready to receive them the day following the catch!


We will be working this winter to perfect this process.  If you are interested in being a part of the Fresh Fish Project, please contact your representative and let them know!  Arrangements will begin prior to next year’s fishing season.  If you are interested in being a part of the Fresh Fish Project, please contact us, and let us know!

This product will be extremely limited!